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“This, is Salia! A tropical paradise, covered in a vast shallow sea, there's roughly 100 islands scattered throughout our region of Vendrial. Our duty, is to keep this water, and all water of our world, clean. To that end, we don't build, we cultivate and grow. Some will fell trees or carve stone, but that's not the Salian way, we have our Cultivators, and they will grow everything we need and assemble it using Fibreed. 

What's Fibreed? You'll see it growing all over, but nowhere more dense than in the frozen farmlands of Niveus in the Polar Desert. Fibreed is a type of seaweed, it's edible, you can ferment it into a drink, you can heal wounds with it, and it's most often used as a binder to merge two cultivated objects into one. Live Fibreed will grow into anything and hold it fast. I've heard rumors of the other Great Species getting badly tangled up in it when visiting our region, but our bodies are too slick to get effected like that.


Now then, you are in the Estuary, all Spawnlings stay here for a few years and learn everything they need to know before they form into their Cell Units. The Cell is an important structure, after the fall of the Venistic Theocracy, all Salians would be grouped into Cells or teams of five to nine individuals. This goes back to how we all came to be, merging together from microscopic Proto-Salians that still live in the Tide Pool today. We bound together for strength and size and rose from the seas to protect them. Now that we've obtained this form, our bodies are too complex for our density magic to bind us further, but strength in numbers is the idea of the Cell. We all can't be perfect in everything, so a Cell will have a group of Salians who are good at different things. 


As you explore and learn, you'll discover that all the species have males and females. While I am biologically a male, Spawnlings won't discover what they are until their first Spawn when they're old enough to participate. Back when the Theocracy was the ruling power, you were supposed to live you life identifying as your biological identity. That's all changed, you're all free to live as you see fit, wear what you want, and go by whatever name you choose for yourself. I am Hohbin, and like all of you on your journey here, my Spawnlings brethren gave me my name Hoh underwater, once I began to learn more about the world, I added in my Vendrial name of Bin. You're free to do the same, but now it's time we get into our pool and we can start going over who the other Great Species are, and even who your distant cousins in the other Regions are.”


~Hohbin the Educator
Start of Cycle, 
Spawnling Pool 427


Salian Writer: Josh Haas has been an active, inventive creator for decades. He's been working with Attention Span since 2014 under the banner of Haazardous Laboratory. Most of his work has been in prop construction and texture manipulation, but with his love of the sciences  and his extensive imagination, he's dabbled in the creation of intricate worlds. While inspired by many sources, Josh's best influence on his writing style would be Terry Pratchett, of Discworld fame. There's a natural humor Josh weaves into his works, even if the story being told may be more serious.


He claims the Salians, the highly adaptable, water aligned species of Vendrial. He'll help show how their emergence on to the world stage of Vendrial changed everything. Most of all, themselves.

Josh Haazard stands by his belief he should be accepted into the Xavier School for the Gifted, though his application continues to be denied.

Salian Artist: Jacob Pence is a flat-earth creationist with no money but also a webcomic about water with disabilities. He does illustration and 2D.5 animation, and has a degree in graphic design. He enjoys sitting in a dark room and listening to horror stories, as well as other activities up to and including Narrating Awful Fanfiction, Making My Own Video Game, and Acrylic Painting. Jacob makes the art for the Salians, the water aspected Species.

Salian Stories:

Salian Intro: 2 pages

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