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Come to Wyrha! And you too can become like a great Wyrhan Crafter!


First, you will need to know how to assimilate with the Wyrhan people. To help you properly construct Wyrha and its people in your mind, in the simplest terms; Wyrhans are who they choose to be.

It is commonly said that a Wyrhan crafts their own destiny, and while it is true that some deviate, most cling to the social and economic standards of success. It is true, just as you can become apart of Wyrha (no matter where you come from), any Wyrhan can choose not to be. You will have to take on the Wyrhan Rank system as a part of your name, but you will not have to change your name entirely.


When a Wyrhan child is born/crafted, their middle name is automatically assigned as the name of the person who crafted them (Primary parent). Then, once the child has been appraised with a letter grade, the parent may choose any first name they like, starting with that letter. For instance, my name is Corena Halores, Master under Xaris. This is where you come in; your title will be your name, your rank, and the Master who you study under. The only exception to the last part is the Grandmaster, who sheds their previous master's name.


As with all native Wyrhans, your rank will increase as you master our seven primary crafts. Choosing your first mastery is important, but remember that the goal is to eventually master them all. “Utility”, The Watchful Mother of the Primary crafts; holding its dominion over all tools that you would use in most essential crafts (blacksmithing, fletching, etc.), being able to make and mend your own tools will allow you to be much more self-sufficient. “Architecture”, Womb of The Mother; giving us the space we need to grow in our crafts, as well as our place to vent at the end of our work. “Transportation”, The Mother’s Guidance; helping us to take ourselves wherever we may need to be. “Venatic”, The Mother’s Sacrifice; allowing us the grace to make the weapons and tools necessary to capture and fell her other creatures, so that they might sustain our needs. “Alchemy”, The Mother’s Nourishment; allowing us to refine and convert materials as necessary to fuel ourselves and our ambitions. “Vestment”, The Mother’s embrace; creating a means of protection, against those that might do us harm, and the elements of The Mother herself. “Breeding”, Our Love for the Mother; whether it is plants, beasts, or crafting our very own Wyrhans, this is how we take care of our mother Vendrial, supplying us with what is needed to fulfill our responsibilities to her. And while not a specific craft; “Innovation”, The Mother’s Imagination; we let her mysterious ways touch our minds to make us more than we once were.


Anyone who does not have a Master is considered an “Amature”, a pseudo rank almost exclusively practiced with native Wyrhans. Once you have mastered one Primary Craft you can seek out a Master to study under. This will grant you the title of Apprentice. As an Apprentice, you will work for your master while continuing to raise your rank to Journeyman, and eventually Master when you have Mastered all of the Primary Crafts. Choosing a Master is no trivial task, it is akin to choosing a new family member. You must find someone with similar ideals and you should even consider their geography. There are lots of beautiful and plentiful places amongst the floating islands and windswept lowlands of Wyrha, make sure you have access to whatever feeds your inspiration.


Now go forth earnest amateurs!

Shape your world, and craft your destiny!

Wyrhan Writer: Joey Kalitovic is a dreamer, sometimes a daydreamer commonly getting lost in the worlds he is creating. Though in his words; “writing is not so much like creating, but witnessing events as they unfold”. Joey started writing for ASG in January of 2018 (After spending 2017 writing his first novel, “A Tale of Legends”) and was promoted to Project Manager / Creative Lead early that following June. Joey has always been an inspired person, though his story’s lean toward a darker affinity, he has been coming up with characters and stories all his life. Having worked on potential comics and video games in the past (with his twin brother Wesley), he is excited for his second chance to share one of the worlds his subconscious (sometimes his consciousness in general) resides in.


Though captivated by many stories and worlds others have shared, Joey is most captivated by the mind of J. R. R. Tolkien of who he believes he shares an affinity with; now having had his own book compared to “The Silmarillion” (of which he still has not read). He also holds a special place in his heart for “The Legend of Zelda”.


Joey will be sharing the lives and stories of the Wyrhan people, the crafters/creators of Vendrial, or wherever they come from... Peer with him into their world as they find their place and themselves amongst the other inhabitants of Vendrial.

Wyrhan Artist: Lindsey Granath

"Is that your real hair

or are you this colorful all the time?"

He wonders at first sight.

Five personafied distractions

draw her away from the work light.


They call her Lindsey, yet he remarks "Bob,"

He titters, she snickers,

"Babe" had been dyslexicly robbed.


Hour's penning pads on screen's bluish page

He can't help but smile

At the artist's war she has waged.


Some days she's the victor,

Other's she's failed.

Yet he's proud to never see,

Her heart become frail.


Costume's, characters, this project and that.

"How do you tame so many cat's in your hat?"

"One at a time, each has their day."

She smiles as she paints her swirled ray.


Colored puddles of vision's have dried.

He peek's at her flurries

She breathe's out a clear sigh.


"Painting is done when I want to relax,

Sewing get's time when I have some to tax.

Drawings are made in sparatic measure

Sharing the time between business and pleasure."


While some costumes are done and ready to wear,

Other's have gone stale, left without care.

He pick's one up and hands her a sleeve,

She hands him a photo of another summer's eve.


The sleeve is there, in another garments total.

And she is wearing it, looking just as hopeful.

"One at a time Bob, just here, just now.

Carry on, carry on, that's how."

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