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I will soon welcome you to Yttria, a sturdy region filled with large mountains and deep tunnels, fertile earth which grows lush forests, and a great race of people dedicated to it. The Yttrians, who inhabit this region of Vendrial, are a hard working species, each individual born into this world with a specific purpose and all would go to any lengths to fulfill this purpose, for it is all of our purpose to serve Vendrial as best as we can.

We Yttrians live long lives but it is some time before these lives are our own, Yttrian males are born as mere drones set about on a particular task, if they complete this task they may be given a new one that fits their skill set and knowledge. During this stage of their life they do not think for themselves, only acting on instructions given to them by a Queen Yttrian through telesthesia, their ability to receive telepathic messages. At about the age of 50 though, they will start to recognize a difference between the voices in their minds and gain a sense of self. At this point they give themselves a name, usually based on their life and work up to this point, most will continue to do work within the scope that they were created for but they are free to choose and some find new lives and new purpose.


Us Queens are a bit different, we are born for the purpose of leading our people and to read and translate the emotions of Vendrial using our telepathy, it takes us only 10 annuals to become self aware, an important trait for us to lead. Once realized we are sent out to explore and learn about Vendrial, gaining the wisdom we need to serve her. The ability to make contact with Vendrial is unique to us and the rest of her inhabitants look to us for direction to keep her healthy. Communication is our greatest strength and we have used it to bring the people of Vendrial together and continue to do so. When you are old enough to understand the information I’m giving you now, you will begin growing and working toward succeeding me as queen just as I did the queen before me, welcome to this life my new Queen in Training.

Yttrian Writer: Wesley Kalitovic has, along with his twin brother, been creating worlds and telling stories his whole life, and as an adult has dabbled in comic book writing and world building for video games. Creativity has been a passion and a way of life for Wesley and he loves sharing it with others. He began writing for Attention Span Games in July 2018 and is an enthusiastic member of the collective mind that forms Vendrial.


Though it is a group effort that forms this world, Wesley calls the Yttrians his own as he brings about their balance of deep caring for their home and their sometimes dry and very literal personalities. While he doesn’t claim any direct influences for his writing he strongly considers all art to be inspirational.

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