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We Magnai are the best suited for our homeland of Magna. Our race of resilient peoples withstand the severe landscape of hot barren deserts and active volcanoes. We find purpose in the continuous fight for survival. As children, we are protected in our mother's pouch but we soon leave and must learn to stand on our own. This doesn't frighten us. The ability to be aware of ourselves is the greatest privilege a Magnai gains. It's a right passed down from generation to generation and as a child gets older it's the parents responsibility to teach them about their land, the lore and creatures, the various plants used for an assortment of reasons. Even those within the capital city of Magna, Phlogistos are taught how to survive outside of the luxuries of society. It's a coveted tradition, the marker of maturity. The special attention given to the child and their home is a bonding experience for both the parent and child as well as for the child and the place they grow up in.

Through the generations we Magnai have built civilization around our principles of living off the land, as we may. To find urban culture as well as education, one must travel to Phlogistos, since the many villages in Magna don't offer the same sense of society. An ambitious child may leave their home and make the arduous journey to the capital city to become an apprentice and learn the trade of their choosing. Unless of course they wish to study magic as I did.

The Magnai's Obsidian Tower is known for its secrecy and renowned for being like none other in terms of magic education. Being heavily inspired by the land and will of the people like them, the creators of the Obsidian Tower began to carve a place for their craft in a large hollow black crystal sticking up from the ground. They protected their refuge with an eternal sand storm and invited anyone who wanted to study under them to dare the wind. As one of the few who took up the challenge, myself and others were surprised to find magicians practicing magic like an art, no books, no instruction. They taught us through motion, allowing energy to pass through them. They contorted themselves to the power of the spell as we Magnai do with the influence of Magna.


We Magnai have a momentum in life, a passion for being that serves us well in battle. The villagers know this well, as they protect their families and farms from ravenous creatures regularly. The soldiers making up Magna's military power also recognize this power and are trained to refine it. They wield their rage in combat as they do a spear. We Magnai consider this instinct for battle a gift from our land and we cherish it.


I have not forgotten to say, that in terms of belief, we Magnai have a few. We believe in life and love. Being for no other reason then to be. This brings with it hardship and challenges; the place we are born shapes who we become. It’s a beautiful, harsh cycle and above all we have faith in this turning of life’s wheel. I have not forgotten to tell you who we are… we are Magnai and we fight as one.

Magnai Writer: Ceclie Kinman is a young writer. At sixteen, she is finishing her first book, The Voices. A novel set in an America ravaged by nuclear fallout about a woman’s battle with The Voice’s, the men and women who can be heard in the mind of few. The Voices has been heavily influenced by her interest in cults and love of post apocalyptic thrillers. Her passion for writing has created her novel and continues to drive her towards other projects, including writing for the Magnai in the Aegis project.


Magnai Artist: Georgia Bean is the youngest artist on our team but keeps up with the most experienced of us. Starting with Laser Metal and now moving on to Aegis of Elements, Georgia has used her art to bring words to life for Attention Span Games since 2015. She is most inspired by the “Beautiful, creative oddity” that is David Bowie, and also dragons, because they are badass. Georgia will be bringing life to the Magnai and their region of fire, showing off their strength and passion.


For years she has intercepted Josh Haazard's applications to Xavier's School for the Gifted; successfully hampering his efforts to get accepted.

Magnai Stories:

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