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Aegis of Elements is a collection of fantastic stories set on the sentient planet of Vendrial, a Gaian floating through the elemental soup that makes up this Sci-Fi/Fantasy universe. You can follow the hearts and minds of six different writer/artist teams as they tell the stories of the six “Greater” species that inhabit Vendrial. Adventure, laugh, cry, and fall in love, following a gamut of characters in their pursuits, as they live their lives and protect that of the world they live in.

Read the comic Here or read about the regions and their teams by clicking on the region titles below.

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The meticulous Ecei, of the Electric region, leave no stone unturned and no observation unwritten. Cataloging the science and events of Vendrial is what the Ecie live for, conducting experiments to understand and to move their society forward in the world.

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The tenacious Magnai, of the Fire region, are a species not to be trifled with. They would not wish open war upon their peaceful world, but will not hesitate to used their mighty force to strike down those who would threaten that peace.

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The adaptable Salians of the Water region, who are responsible for the start of their own evolution, live short but full lives. Helpful in nature, they scatter across all regions to cleanse and maintain the waters of Vendrial. They may be the most benevolent of all the great species.

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The mysterious Vacorians are the only of the humanoid species of Vendrial that don’t have an elemental alignment. While prevalent in the early days of the young world, they are seldom seen amongst the bustling cities in the six regions of Vendrial. They are the janitors of the planet and with their early deeds forgotten, are sometimes treated as a lesser species. But if given time, you will find that they may be among the richest in culture.

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The tinkering Wyrhans of the Wind region may seem obsessive and single-minded in a chance meeting, but most display a spectrum of skills and qualities, all of which are necessary to climb the social and economic ladder. These crafters are a driving force of economy and progress in their world, making the Wyrhan region the second most likely place to find all the great species living together.

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The uniform Yttrians, of the Earth region, are of one mind, their Queen guiding them as they work together towards their collective goals. More than the other great species, they take it upon themselves to make sure that their living home is healthy and safe.

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